Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Awarded $498,000

HYANNIS – The Baker Administration announced roughly $4 million in funding for veterans’ outreach services, with two groups on the Cape set to receive some of the money.

Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center (CIVOC) in Hyannis will receive $498,000 of the funds.

The money will focus on outreach services for underserved veterans who have experienced racial inequality, domestic violence, and those with certain disabilities.

“These initiatives help veterans access housing, medical care, employment services and other tools that help improve their livelihoods.” Baker said.

The funds are part of new funding for the state’s Department of Veterans’ Services.

The money will be used to help veterans with support services like food and clothing, transportation to appointments, employment services, and wellness coaching.

Other resources it will provide include security deposits for veteran-specific housing, low- or no-cost housing upgrades, and counseling for female veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other medical conditions.