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Free Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Veterans of all ages may be eligible for a free medical alert system from providers that have partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs. These systems can help you or your loved one remain safer and more independent even when living alone. These devices are sometimes referred to as personal emergency response systems (PERS) and usually take the form of a bracelet or pendant. The features and functionality vary, from basics such as two-way speech to automatic fall detection, GPS and voice guidance.

Whether it’s needed due to a physical disability, health concerns or a simple matter of the years adding up, veterans may qualify for a free medical alert system from the VA or state assistance programs. The VA recommends wearing a medical alert bracelet to get help quickly in many scenarios, from food allergies to Alzheimer’s disease, and for storing vital health information to be accessed in an emergency.

This guide explains the options available for veterans interested in getting a free medical alert system from the VA and how to submit a request. Other potential sources of assistance are also detailed, as well as a state-by-state list of Medicaid programs that may cover the cost.

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