COVID Gradual Reopening Protocols


1. All clients will be required to call the individual staff member with whom they wish to meet 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

2. During the call, the staff member will conduct a brief health screening to determine whether an appointment can be scheduled.

3. When a client arrives outside the office, he or she will call the staff member with whom they have an appointment from their automobile. The staff member will then:

• Come to the door to meet you
• Make sure you are masked
• Take your temperature
• Show you where to sanitize your hands
• Escort you to the appropriate office, providing you do not register with a temperature.

4. Once within the staff member’s office, both you and the staff member will maintain a six-foot distance from each other, and continue to wear a mask.

All of these precautions, dictated by the CDC, will be in place to protect the health and well-being of both our staff and clients during the current health situation.

Thank you for your patience!!!!